Switching to a Raw Diet

It would be great to give you one way to go about changing your canine or feline's way of eating, but this just is not the case.

The way you approach making the switch will basically depend on how comfortable you are with the following suggestions:

  • It is reccommened by some that fasting first can be the biggest aid in making the swtich. This will eliminate as much of the old food as possiable so there is little reaction with introducing the new food. Fasting also aids your animal into eating what you put infront of them with less resistance. Dogs can handle a 24-48 hr fast but cats should only fast for a 24 hr time period. Basiclly there are two ways of making the switch-rapid or slowly.
  • Rapid- no kibble, the next feeding would be a scrumptious meal of raw food. In most cases this is the easiest, and most preferred way with healthy dogs and cats.  Some cats are naturally fussy and they can be a challenge.  It has been our experience that persistence pays off. 
  • As for doing the switch slowly, you can start to introduce raw to your animals by giving them raw meaty bones. This can be a great starting point and they will make the switch successfully.
  • Just as a precaution - your animal will really enjoy their bones, but make sure not to get too generous with how many you give. It can give them an upset stomach and they will not be very happy. Just think of all the extra helpings you had at a special event and how you felt after!  Supervision is recommended with all chew products.
  • Yes it is true that some animals' gastroinestinal systems get upset during the switch. But remember that that you are doing this for the betterment of their health! In fact, you are the one person in their lives that has total control and you will be rewarded by many extra years with your special friend. They can't go to the store or tell you what they need, but guaranteed that they will show their appreciation!

By feeding raw to your animals you are giving them a gift. A gift for a long, healthy, loving life. You are the only one who can make that choice and from all of the information you have been provided with, now is the time to make the switch to feeding raw if you havent already started!